9 Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Fast Growth

Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Fast Growth

Finding hashtags – Ritetag

Ritetag is a tool for finding the right hashtags to get your posts to be discovered. It will let you right-click on any image or text, then instantly give you a list of hashtag suggestions based on real-time hashtag engagement.

This tool provides a solution for finding non-obvious trending hashtags in 28 languages. It also tells you which hashtags you should avoid. Using different colors to indicate different hashtag strengths:

  • GREEN = use this hashtag to get seen now.
  • BLUE = use this hashtag to get seen over time.
  • RED = do not use this hashtag, your posts will disappear in the crowd.
  • GRAY = do not use this hashtag, very few people are following it.

Ritetag works on desktop, mobile, and inside all the popular Instagram scheduling tools like Grum, Later, Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, HubSpot, etc.

Scheduling Instagram posts – Later

Later is an Instagram marketing tool that allows you to create and schedule posts with a drag and drop visual planner.

Additionally, Later lets you organize your pictures and content in advance and preview its look when visitors land on your profile. All to make sure your Instagram feed is visually esthetic and attracts visitors.

Whether you want to schedule image posts, videos, stories, or carousel posts – Later supports them all. Although, videos, stories, and Instagram analytics are not available on the free plan.

Later offers a free forever plan, and more advanced plans starting at $15/month.

Instagram contests – Gleam

Hosting contests and giveaways is a great marketing strategy for increasing engagement, credibility, and growth on social platforms.

Setting up a contest and successfully monitoring it can be tricky, so using a tool can definitely come in handy.

Gleam is a growth marketing platform that helps marketers generate leads by running social media contests and competitions. You can seamlessly integrate it with your brand’s Instagram account and launch fun and engaging contests, run free giveaways, and host competitions for your followers.

You can also design Reward Programs for your brand to increase customer loyalty.

Gleam plans start at $10/month for competition plans. They also offer a premium plan for $97/month that includes all of Gleam’s features – competitions, rewards programs, galleries, and captures.

Tracking follower growth – SocialBlade

SocialBlade gives all users access to their public database which, using advanced technology, can provide you with global analytics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter.

It uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress and growth.

As opposed to other social media tracking and analytics tools, SocialBlade is completely free to use!

Content planning – Buffer

Buffer allows planning publications to create thoughtful and consistent content for your account.

It analyzes the most popular posts and identifies the optimal time for new publications. Additionally, Buffer provides you with useful tips and analyzes the content of competitors. Users can take advantage of those analytics to make wiser decisions in the future.

The service also integrates with other social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Buffer makes reposting other people’s posts to your feed easy and saves you from grabbing a screenshot, cropping, and adding your own caption to it.

This feature is extremely relevant for businesses that want to showcase customers on their feed by reposting images featuring your products.

Buffer offers a free basic plan, and a bigger essentials plan starting at $5/month per social channel.

Photo editing – VSCO

You probably heard of VSCO before, thanks to the surge of the “VSCO girl” meme back in the summer of 2019.

VSCO is a photo and video editing tool for Instagram. It has a wide variety of filters and presets that will make your posts stand out and capture the community’s attention.

Vsco also provides a double exposure for your posts: on Instagram and the ‘community for creators’ in the VSCO app.

The VSCO app has a free version (with in-app purchases) and a subscription version for $19.99/year.

Share your blog posts on Instagram – Blog2Social

This one is for bloggers and businesses using WordPress.

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that gives you full access to your social media accounts from your blog. Allowing you to auto-post, cross-promote, schedule, automatically share your blog posts to social networks for the best times to post to profiles, pages, and groups.

Additionally, you can use this tool to track the success of your automated posts to each network.

When you can access all of this data from your website, you’ll save time and money.

Blog2Social offers a free plan with limited features, and premium plans starting at $79/ year.

Organic growth tool – Kicksta

Having more real followers on Instagram leads to higher engagement, website clicks, and sales for your business.

But growing a following on Instagram is harder and more time-consuming than ever. Normally, users would have to manually go through accounts liking and following everyone they think might follow their account back.

Because this process is so tedious, and usually brings lower ROI than expected, some businesses tend to give up on this strategy.

That’s where Kicksta comes in. It is an Instagram growth service that helps you attract your ideal audience and grow your following on autopilot.

Kicksta offers plans starting at $49/month.

Live account management – AiGrow

AiGrow is a powerful growth tool designed to increase the number of followers and engagement on your Instagram.

The uniqueness of this tool is that your account will be managed by a real person. That means all of the activity on your page will be monitored by an expert, not just algorithms.

The services of this growth tool include content planning and publishing, attracting target audiences with outbound techniques, searching for relevant hashtags, and learning from competitor pages.

AiGrow also offers smaller plans for accounts that require only basic features, such as scheduling plans, DM plans, and bulk post delete plans.

AiGrow offers a free plan with minimal features, and paid plans starting at 9$/month.


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